Top 10 Games of E3 2017 – BIG Sequels, HOT Exclusives, TOP Shooters

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2017!! All the biggest PS4, XB1, and Switch games are only a week away. Today we reveal my list of what titles I'm most excited for as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo tee it up and go head to head, while Ubisoft, Activision, and more reveal all their latest games!! Let me know what YOUR most anticipated games of E3 2017 are in the comments below!!


  • G00162965

    Can’t wait for E3

    • Kakashi Sensei

      G00162965 what does e3 stand for

    • Ecartts

      E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo. The annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention Center

    • Kakashi Sensei

      Now i know thanks


      please tell the date


    The Spider-Man game is the one I’m looking forward to.

    • Awesome Aerobics

      CRAZYJONESY Xx Same Thing I Also Got A PS4 Just For That Gane

    • Anthony Flores


    • Epic. Exe

      Me too
      Tommorrow guys

    • Epic. Exe

      Don’t forget

    • Mvdhatter

      if it can meet the standers of spiderman 2 then i will be set for the rest of this year


    At first I was taken aback, now though, I understand why GhostRobo didn’t put Joel or Ellie in the thumbnail alongside Kratos and Spider-Man. It wouldn’t be a good look to have Sony everything, everywhere. #TLOUPART2HYPE

    • King Abstract

      PHXNTXM lets be honest most of the anticipated games are Sony

  • Ackeem 5000

    red dead redemption 2


      Not gonna be at E3 fam

    • Shawn Mathews

      in. the 90s. not. now

    • Sup Adabi 2

      game BULLY 2 huHUhUuhUHuhUHuhu

    • stephen taveras

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  • El Chupacabra06

    Super Mario Odyssey is Number 1 for me!

    • 20, 00

      such an awful comparison lol @Olivier.wmv

    • Olivier.wmv

      20, 00 not really

    • 20, 00

      yes..really. considering the only comparison you could possibly make is that it’s a fictional character in a big city. and uh..a lot of games have already done that, and been good. they’re not in the same gameplay style, not of the same franchise, not in the same timeframe of being created at all, etc. the only comparison you could really make is to galaxy, 64, and sunshine. but anyway, think what you will despite my points.

    • Cesar Toledo

      El Hefe same

    • Atomic Munchies

      Even though there is countless that actually have a wow factor to them.

  • Nxxte

    My only wish is for them to make a female superhero game like Wonder Woman super girl or even Harley Quinn I know she’s a villain but still or cat woman like that’s my only wish

    • Rob Scott

      EPIC HAL ????????????

    • Nxxte

      Rob Scott they should make a spelling simulator so u can learn to spell should

    • Mr Poopy Butthole

      Horizon was pretty good game with a female main character !

    • Rob Scott

      Nxxte ???????????? they should

  • Tim Stoner

    I want smash and animal crossing…

    • Themaster Passer

      Tim Stoner Yea, because as much as I love my switch, if Nintendo doesn’t put up some great games, the switch will probably die. I doubt that will happen though

    • Caden Gaticam

      Tim Stoner

      I agree I’m a Nintendo man
      I want Nintendo to announce more games for the switch at E3 or at least give us more news on some games we already know about
      Just look at Xenoblade 2 how much do we know about that

    • Tim Stoner

      Caden Gaticam ????

    • Yellow Magma

      yeah I would like smash 5 and not another smash 4 port but they probably won’t make smash 5 until a few years since smash 4 came out in 2014

  • Raymond Hickman

    spider Man is my most anticipated game

    • ชัยณรงค์ ชัยณรงค์

      Raymond Hickman Mee too

    • Raymond Hickman

      cool do you think they’ll push back to 2018

    • ชัยณรงค์ ชัยณรงค์

      Raymond Hickman I think it’s late this year or early next year. I trust insomniac they made many good games my favorite is resistance

    • Raymond Hickman

      sunset overdrive or ratchet and clank are my favorites

    • ชัยณรงค์ ชัยณรงค์

      Raymond Hickman I had Rachet & clank. I used only ps4

  • carlos rocha

    death stranding? the last of us 2? uncharted?

    • Jim Slav

      louis caez Yep, I’m a huge fan of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. We’re easy to spot. Let me guess… Bioshock, by any chance?

    • Resident NotEvil

      carlos rocha no death stranding at e3 this year sorry bro

    • Resident NotEvil

      Karin Blum Hideo announced they will not be showing death stranding at e3 this year they are fully focused on development

    • Daisy Johnson

      carlos rocha love last of us but cant wait for uncharted on E3

  • Montrez Porter

    E3 just give me Kingdom Hearts 3 damnit

    • Montrez Porter

      Are you really mad kingdom hearts is one of the greatest games of all time

    • 20, 00

      well damn @Are you really mad, you got us there. I guess you’re right.

    • Kush Weiser

      Montrez Porter i still haven’t played the first two wtf is wrong with me? Should I get overwatch or the kingdom hearts HD remix? I am stuck!

    • Montrez Porter

      Kush Weiser bro u should get kingdom hearts bro that’s my favorite game of all time bro

    • Kush Weiser

      Montrez Porter then I’ll buy it! I love Disney, so I know I’ll enjoy it a lot.

  • Shy Guy

    God of War feeling like the last of us and not god of war is not a good thing

    • tiernanstevens117

      Shy Guy The only way it’s like the last of us is the WAY it’s telling the story. Gameplay, characters AND setting look and probably feel like god of war. People seem to think that a third person game with a seemingly good story is a last of us rip off. It’s not.

    • Chance Emerson

      Shy Guy they had to evolve… I hate the camera in God of War 3 and it’s been forever since I’ve played 2 or the first, but I played 3 again recently and decided I’m ok with what they’re doing. I welcome the change and think the combat will be more challenging as well… hopefully

    • Harvey Dent Two face

      Chance Emerson same

  • THE Archmedes

    Any god of war fans

  • Eden kanangila

    I am definitely hyped for Spider-Man. I’m also hyped for Detroit only because it gives me a horizon zero dawn vibe because I’m not sure what to expect of it.

    • Meister Proper

      expect a heavy rain with different story xD always the same with cages games ^^

  • Eden kanangila

    Anyone hyped for the new FIFA 18 game coming out? NBA 2K18? MLB18? NHL, no? I’ll let myself out.

    • Eden kanangila

      NuclearChedder I just play for online.

    • SA GamingHD

      btw did u see the fifa 18 trailed??

    • Kamak Mama

      brut nhl 14 was thé Best. Eashl. Thé New Eashl is crap

    • jrreogreugerugregreger

      Pre-ordered my copy of 2k18 the day I was able to. I’m hoping they make a ton of improvements on the my career mode from last year.

  • H.Baugher Studioz

    I really hope Smash is at E3.

    • sonny bowling

      same, i need smash on switch

    • Atomic Munchies

      Lemme smash

    • Just a typical Youtube watcher

      Atomic Munchies no Ron. go find Becky.

  • Pop Hunter

    4:Spider man
    3:Lego Marvel Superheroes 2
    2:Battlefront 2
    1: COD WW2

    • Alexisk Piano

      battlefront 2 > call of duty for sure!

    • Commander Cody

      Pop Hunter LMS 2 REALLY?! Hopefully it’s better than first.

    • Techarchy

      Pop Hunter Battlefront II released in 2005 😛

    • Commander Cody

      Techarchy bad troll

  • Pineapple Dragon

    skate 4

  • Erik Garcia

    Jak 4

    • Erik Garcia

      tiernanstevens117 you’d be surprised ;D

    • tiernanstevens117

      Erik Garcia I really hope so though, don’t get me wrong.

    • Chance Emerson

      That’d be so sick if they announced a Jak 4

    • Dro Briggz

      Erik Garcia I would love it but it’s not gonna happen

    • Dion Castelazo

      Well naughty dog blind sided us at PSX with TLOU2. Don’t write it off just yet

  • Lennon Wagner

    If Spiderman​ is Sony exclusive I’m going to cry.

    • Agent23savage

      It’s cause Sony owns Spider-Man

    • Harvey Dent Two face

      Agent23savage He’s the spectacular sonyman.

    • UconnzFynestZ

      i understand that sony owns him, i just don’t think its fair to the spiderman friends on xbox. one of the most popular characters in the world can’t be presented to his entire fanbase.. i understand why but its still lame to me

    • Corey muhammad

      UconnzFynestZ stop being poor and buy both consoles

    • Lennon Wagner

      Corey muhammad bruh lol

  • Skinnyman

    My list:

    10 – I read about a new Resistance, but I don’t have much hope.
    9 – Whatever Ready at Dawn is working on (hope it’s a new The Order)
    8 – Death Stranding
    7 – Detroit
    6 – More of Shadow of War
    5 – The Last of Us Part 2
    4 – Days Gone
    3 – Spiderman
    2 – Whatever SuckerPunch is working on (hope it’s a new inFAMOUS)
    1 – God of War

    • Skinnyman

      Oh, and how could I forget about Call of Cthulu!!


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