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Rack Hack – Clever Hack for a Perfect Pong Rack
New method for stabilizing pong cups that is flexible, portable, and stackable. Set up defensive racks. Add a 3rd dimension…


One morning, in the shower I think, the idea for the Rack Hack popped into my head for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I hadn't played pong in a while, and wasn't looking to come up with a gaming concept, but poof – there it was. I was thinking about marketing some physical products online to generate some passive income, but certainly wasn't planning on inventing anything…

Later that morning I sketched out my idea on paper and enlisted my sister Laura to help me with some CAD drawings and renderings.

I went from there to requesting quotes and prototypes from suppliers, and passing the idea by friends via text message. People were excited by the idea at first, and then when I started getting prototypes and playing games with them, they were even more excited!

I think this idea will not only catch on, but may be the key accessory to pong around the country. It is portable, easy to use, and adds some new elements to the game that other racking systems don't have.


This Kickstarter project has been created to help fund the initial production and shipping of Rack Hack in the United States. The initial mold creation and product manufacturing at lower volumes will be somewhat expensive, and the project is distributing rewards at a very low margin at the lower funding levels, and at just about a break-even at the higher reward levels.

If I meet my funding target, I will not make much money after R&D is calculated into the mix, if any at all, but I have longer term goals…

Main Goal

The main goal of launching this product on Kickstarter is to utilize this amazing platform to spread the word about this new method of securing Pong cups that I have created. I truly believe after playing some games with the prototypes that it (somehow) makes Pong more fun, and can really catch on. If I can get this product into the hands of a few hundred loyal supporters, I am confident that when others play a few games with the product that they will want to own one!

Product Features

The product solves what I deem to be a few problems with traditional rack sets: 1) large, cumbersome racks that are difficult or cumbersome to transport, 2) racks with a defined shape and size, and 3) racks that don't offer a third dimension to the game – height.

It solves problem 1 by breaking down into individual components that stack and are easy to transport from one party to the next. Once broken down, the sets can easily fit into a small bag or pocket book.

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