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About This Game.

Pathfinder Game Master's Gearbox
All-in-one gaming aid with 2,000+ monsters, spells, gear, traps, quick rules and dry erase map tiles.

I have loved playing Pathfinder since high school, but gameplay presents a series of inconveniences:

#1 Lack of organization. GMs have tons of stuff to tote around. You may find yourself with aching arms from those bulky books, forget your foldable map at your friend's apartment, or leave your figure bag in the clutches of your new puppy.

#2 Lack of time. You all know that Pathfinder games are not quick, and sometimes life gets in the way of a good mission.Who doesn't wish there was a way to keep going even if the GM can't make a gaming session?

#3 Lack of decisiveness. Some people love coming up with different characters. Some people don't and just want to get on with the mission. How can both of these types play in harmony? Simple.

Each of these factors mean less adventuring and less fun. That's why I've designed a simple all-in-one gaming aid with monsters, traps, spells, pre-made characters, gear, stores, dual-sided dry-erase tiles and more. With minimal setup, you can begin your gameplay anywhere, and anyone can lead a mission. You can even play solo!

Everything is sized 4''x 4'' for easy transport and organization. Think a kid-sized shoebox instead of a duffle bag. This makes play faster and easier for new and veteran players alike.

Risks and challenges

The card text is complete and I have secured printing services. The next step is putting art on the cards. I will engage the assistance of an experienced graphic designer. As with any collaboration there is risk involved including but not limited to risk of: miscommunication, personal tragedy, unprofessional work.

I have experience with constructing effective relationships with graphic designers and know what to look for in the interview process. We'll find and employ the graphic designer who will make best use of your Kickstarter funding.

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