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About This Game.

Dante's journey to Purgatory
A board game for young and old sinner by the Divine Comedy of Dante: tactics and teamwork lead you to heaven.

Dante Alighieri writes in the Divine Comedy, as it passes through the three Beyond Rich Hell, Purgatory and Paradise to repentance – in the Games series Dante's journey you embark on its mark in the game "Dante's journey in the Purgatory" you erklimmst now the Sorrowful Purgatory ( purgatory) after you, "Dante's journey through hell", are descended into the ghastly hell in the first part.

But do not panic! You have neither "Dante's journey through hell" yet know the Divine Comedy to play "Dante's journey in the Purgatory". In Dante's Purgatory other laws than in his hell are (finally sinners are here purified for heaven punished there for all eternity), hence principle and rules of the games are very different.

Dante's Purgatory consists of seven terraces: one for each deadly sin (pride, envy, anger, etc.). As sinners in Dante circumnavigate the player any patio until they have served all their associated with this deadly sin sins (which are represented by criminal stones in the game).

Your task in the game is to climb from the output of Hell to Purgatory to heaven. However, the one sinner is the winner, the second place (!) The last game (no. 77, the sky) achieved.

Each player takes for his trip to Purgatory the role of a sinner, by pulling a biography card. Each of these sinners (figures from the time of Dante like a boundless banker or a hedonistic Abbess) has its own (of course reprehensible) character and must serve this to sins on each terrace under a different number. So Dante has even about very many sins on the 1st and the 3rd terrace serving (since he was a proud man, full of anger) as he (be served on the sins of lust) Terrace 7 can bring fast behind.

The role that you play, so affects your tactics it when you play your trump cards and when you should seek support. An advanced position in the game does not necessarily mean that this figure is well in the lead.

Instead of dice, you move on, you play by so-called Bußkarten. These show either a number (this corresponds to the number of fields that you may advance) or an icon that initiates a particular action. Symbols allow you z. B. penalties to your Mitsünder cede to skip Mitsünder or even the character of a Mitsünders a train long to take over (a bold move!).

In Dante's Purgatory are dependent for sinners of whether it is day or night, other rules: therefore also changes in the game, the value of your cards depending on the position of the sun (as changed the position of the sun in the course of the game, you can the detailed game instructions at the end refer).

On your journey you encounter many characters who populate the Purgatory in the Divine Comedy, ie other sinners and heavenly beings. This help will be rewarded on the Purgatory; you can significantly reduce the features by successfully mastering an encounter your penance on a terrace.

These encounters are Encounter cards shown. While the game is always one of these cards visible – until a player finishes match. Depending on the type of meeting (with an angel, a poet, a pope, etc.) the player may z. B. Write or he must take upon himself new penalties penalties to others. Many a time affects the encounter from among several players.

With one eye, you should always have the current meeting in view to miss any opportunity or avoid a disaster, while you watch the other your way and your Mitsünder.

A game for 3 to 8 large and small sinners 14 years.


1 Schedule (50 x 50 cm) printed in high resolution on a rollable tarpaulin, which not only brings out the colors of Purgatory beam to bear, but also comes in handy: it is tear-resistant and wipeable, ideal for playing in boisterous rounds.

10 Biography cards in a short summary of the sinner and a list of on the Purgatory to be served sins.

49 Encounter cards with the figures in Dante's Purgatory, those you meet throughout the game.

87 Bußkarten with scenes from the Divine Comedy, you employ for locomotion and to interact with other sinners.

10 pawns with the likenesses of the biography card glued, so you know where to stew in purgatory your Mitsünder straight.

30 Criminal stones made ​​of wood, symbolizing the sins to be served.

1 set of instructions, which you succinctly explains the rules.

1 book, which illuminates the background of the game and its elements.

… All encased in a stylish and fully portable role.

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